Formal Managment Referrals

Organizations strive to support their employees. The journey of life is never stagnantů coping with ups and downs is tough. Sometimes troubling behaviors affect productivity and professional relationships, un-attentiveness may result in excessive mistakes or accidents, a lack of concern may affect morale or their own personal safety. When troubling behaviors spillover to the workplace, peers and supervisors are often torn with how to support their co-worker. Separating professional life from personal challenges blurs the line.

Formal Management Referrals are an additional resource available to organizations when traditional internal interventions have failed to correct behaviors, when a behavior is thought to be perplexing and traditional internal interventions may not be appropriate, or simply as a wellness measure when an employee has had an unusually stressful experience.

FMR is not a Fit For Duty evaluation. Unlike a Fit For Duty evaluation, the employee remains as the client, but in a FMR the organization only mandates their attendance and participation. It takes the guesswork out of whether or not the employee seeks counseling when behaviors may affect job performance.

With 16 years of supervisory and management experience, trained clinical mental health counselor and therapist, Pat Hinkle has the background and knowledge needed to cope with these difficulties.

Specialized Counseling for Formal Management Referrals:

  • Provides clear direction in how to get the employee help
  • Provides another resource in resolving complicated problems affecting job performance
  • Collaborates with clients on job performance goals as established by the organization
  • Confidentiality and respect for client privacy, reporting only attendance and participation to the organization
  • Teaches clients appropriate work-related and social behaviors when dealing with co-workers
  • Demonstrates professional integrity from practice owned operated by former police officer
  • Clinical experience drawn from 30 years on the police force 16 years of which were at supervisor or management level, graduate of FBI National Academy and the FBI Law Enforcement
  • Executive Development Seminar (CSLEEDS)
  • Specialized Treatment including:

  • Employees with Troubling Behaviors Affecting the Workplace
  • Employees on Administrative Leave or Suspension
  • Employees Returning from Military Deployment
  • Child Abuse Investigation or Assignments
  • Anger Management
  • Employees with Hazardous Duty Exposure