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Organizations are eager for presentations that educate, motivate, and serve a meaningful purpose for the targeted audience. Matching the talents and experience of the speaker with the topic at hand is the basis in achieving program success. Pat Hinkle, founder of Hinkle & Associates, meld his police, military, emergency room, and clinical experiences with his mental health advocacy and civic involvement to provide comprehensive and informed messages.

Hinkle & Associates is available for a variety of presentations related to the mental health field and its relationship to the criminal justice system. A sampling of available topics are displayed below. Each attachment is in abbreviated form to serve as a primer.

To schedule a presentation or discuss a topic, call Hinkle & Associates at (913) 652-6668.

Pat's presentation on Mental Illness Advocacy
Web-demo: Advocacy for mental illness

Pat's presentation on Helping Families Cope with Mental Illness
Web-demo: Helping families cope mental illness

Pat's presentation on Law Enforcement Officer Stress
Web-demo: Cop stress prestentation

Pat's presentation on Deviant Sexuality and Crime
Web-demo: Fantasy prestentation

Pat's presentation on the Richard Grissom Serial Homicide Investigation
Web-demo: Grissom prestentation