Consultation and Training

Companies, agencies, organizations - sometimes, these groups can benefit from the education and guidance of Hinkle & Associates. With its unique background in mental health as it relates to the criminal justice system, Hinkle & Associates provides a wide range of specialized group consultation and training services.

Assistance can be customized to meet the distinctive needs of various groups, such as:

  • Employees experiencing the after-effects of workplace violence
  • Families facing the mental-illness diagnosis of a loved one
  • Police & emergency service providers understanding stress of the job
  • Law enforcement officers looking to enhance crisis intervention techniques
  • Community groups seeking information about the stigma of mental illness
  • Organizations working to advocate issues surrounding mental illness
  • With a background comprised of police, military, emergency room and clinical experiences, Hinkle & Associates brings a unique understanding to life�s complex challenges and issues.

    Specialized Treatment including:

  • Law Enforcement Personnel Team Building, Leadership and Specialized
  • Unit Training
  • Crisis Intervention Planning and Implementation
  • Mental Health Related Policies and Procedures
  • Coping Techniques
  • Mental Illness Advocacy
  • Stress Management

    To learn more, or to discuss your specific consultation and training needs, contact Hinkle & Associates at (913) 652-6668.