Anger Management

Anger is an emotion. An emotion we all have… it is normal and can be healthy. But, when anger gets out of control it can lead to problematic behaviors of violence – destructive actions of force with another person or with property. Angry behaviors affect personal relationships, your job, professional relationships or can even lead to legal problems.

Separating the emotion of anger from the behavior of violence is not easy. Anger can make you feel at times as though you are being controlled by this unpredictable and despicable emotion.

Hinkle & Associates developed his Anger Management counseling approach coupling modern psychotherapy with 30 years experience as a police officer where the emotion of anger was present in nearly every call for service. A specialized treatment program for individuals that helps to understand why you allow anger to lead to inappropriate behaviors and applies effective intervention techniques to help you make better judgments. It’s a client-directed and focused approach that acknowledges your values and priorities, helps identify your disruptive and distressful issues, and addresses them one at a time until improvement is made.

Confidentiality and respect for privacy meeting one on one, not in a classroom, for goal oriented counseling from a licensed clinician. Hinkle & Associates also understands the criminal justice system – its processes, legal motions, trial preparations – and works with those in the system to help regain control and make better life decisions. Pat is an approved provider by the Johnson County Kansas District Attorney’s Office, Diversion Program.

Specialized Therapy and Counseling for:

  • People wanting to change
  • First Time Offenders
  • At-risk Youth
  • At-risk Adults
  • Significant Others and Family Members of those struggling with anger